Counting > 40,290 lives (in-progress)

I teamed up with the amazing percussionist extraordinaire, Suki O'Kane, for a duo durational performance in the Artists' Television Access' storefront window as part of their “Almost Public/Semi-Exposed III” program. The durational performance of “Counting” began at 10:06am on November 3rd, and lasted until sunset at 6:06pm.

I created “Counting” in 2015 in memory of the 40,290 women who died of breast cancer in the United States that year. The artwork celebrates each woman's life via a beautiful warm-colored sewing thread slowly wrapped around a wooden base, one full turn for one woman. Suki provided chimes and other sound elements to enhance this performance. The artwork will be finished when 40,290 turns have been completed.

Artists' Television Access' storefront window
992 Valencia Street (cross street is 21st Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-3890

ATA performance
Sewing thread and wood
November 03, 2016