Counting > 40,290 lives (in-progress)

ATA performance
Sewing thread and wood
November 03, 2016
sewing threads
Colored spools
sewing threads

40,290 women died of breast cancer in the United States in 2015. Each of these women ended their lives too early. They had not chosen this life path and their premature departure was an enormous loss for husbands, wives, partners, children, colleagues and friends who loved them deeply. The love of these 40,290 beautiful women affected a much larger community that stretches across all of our 50 states, without regards to age, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or race. They were all loved. We miss you, each and everyone.

In memory, this artwork celebrates each woman’s life via beautiful warm-colored sewing threads slowly wound around a piece of wood, one full turn for one woman. The artwork will be finished when 40,290 turns have been completed.

This artwork is still in-progress.